Insigma offers excellent Property Management Services; along with a Dynamic Commercial Division we have a very professional Residential Property Management Division. Insigma has an excellent track record in managing residential, multi-family, industrial and commercial properties.

Insigma’s Property Managers-In-Charge have a very vast amount of experience in the real estate sales and management industry. Most or all of the managers specialized in numerous aspects of Property Management including but not limited to apartment buildings, condominiums, office buildings, industrial parks and single family homes.

Insigma uses nationally recognized software that helps the firm maintain accurate and adequate records for many years along with computerized accounting. Check out some of the services that we provide on a regular basis.

    • On Site/Off Site Management:
      • Monthly Statement: this statement is issued on or around the 16th of every month to corporate heads and/or individual owners identifying all receipts and disbursements for that month.


    • Screening of Qualified Tenants: all tenants are screened through a national computer.
    • Quarterly Inspections: our managers conduct walk-through inspections of complex sites at the beginning of each week as well as quarterly walk-through at single family units to ensure proper care and maintenance is being maintained.
    • Weekly Communication: our property managers make weekly contact with the corporate heads and/or individual owners of each property or unit by email to answer any questions and to provide updates.
    • Licensed In House Maintenance Personnel: we have a maintenance staff that is licensed and ensures proper maintenance on all of our properties or units that we managed. Such maintenance includes lawn care, general preventative maintenance on HVAC systems, general plumbing and repairs.
    • Professional Advertisement on Properties: Our firm provides the best professional advertisement on all of our properties.  All vacant homes and apartment units are advertised in local papers, regional media as well as social media for prospective qualified tenants.
    • Leasing Or Rental Agreements: we provide, execute and have executed a legal lease or rental agreement between our firm (management) and the tenant. Our lease and/or rental agreements are standard one year agreements, and cannot be issued and executed prior to our office obtaining  a credit report and rental history on a prospective tenant.
      • Collection Of Rents: our managers collect all rents and/or other monies due at the beginning of each month and deposit these funds into an escrow account for proper disbursement.


    • Evictions: our managers execute all eviction notices to tenants that are in violation of their lease agreement. These notices are filed with the local magistrate’s office and when necessary, we will appear in court in order to complete an eviction.