Insigma Group LLC Property Owners

Insigma Group is very appreciative of all its property owners; we appreciate the opportunity to be of service to our owners and we take great pride in providing our owners as well as our tenants with superior quality services.

We realize that most owners do not want the stress and complications that comes with managing their own properties; therefore it gives our trained staffs who understand Property Management, Tenants, and the Rules and Regulations of the TENANT LANDLORD ACT great pleasure to manage our Owner’s property for them.

Therefore if you own one or many properties and wish to rent out all or some of them, we would highly recommend that you consider using our services. We will handle the marketing of your property, take all calls concerning the properties, schedule showings, prepare all leases and/or rental agreements, take care of move-ins, inspections, maintenance requests, payment processing and much more…


If you are seeking a quality Property Management firm from the Columbia Metro Area, you are looking in the right place. To answer any questions regarding renting your property or properties, click the button below to view our Owner’s FAQ section.  If you decide to become an Insigma Group’s Client, you will have access to an online portal that gives you complete updated information on your property.