Why choose Insigma Group LLC?

Because our process is simple and fast. Just post your document(a photo or scan is fine) some one  in our database will immediately get on your project.

When are we available to handle property issues?

We are available to speak to potential renters and owners 7 days a week. We maintain an on call line for evenings and weekends and are on call 24×7 to respond to maintenance emergencies.

How do you select great tenants?

Tenant screening is paramount to us! All adult occupants are required to complete our online rental application. We check credit, criminal background, national eviction search, and rental history. We also require 2 most recent pay stubs for income and employment and income verification as well as copies of photo IDs. With our thorough screening process and stringent requirements we greatly reduce the possibility of non payment by a tenant. We actually deny more applicants than we approve. We maintain these strict underwriting guidelines to reduce our homeowner’s risk of possible default by the tenant.

How do you handle contracts for out of town owners and tenants?

We are a 99% paperless office. We’re able to execute lease agreements, management agreements and other documentation safely and securely to anyone in the world within minutes. This cuts down on time, waste and makes it easy for us to provide documentation to our owners and tenants quickly and easily.

How do we market your home?

We aggressively market your home with a professional yard sign and an online listing featured on over 15 different websites. We take up to 25 photos of your home and are now taking YouTube digital video tours of all our homes. We are able to walk the potential tenant through your house without them having to walk in the door! This is a great tool for those who are not local and need to rent sight unseen. Working with an established management company and having extensive media enables us to rent to many out of town clients.

When and how do I receive my rent payments?

Owner funds are disbursed quickly. We disburse on or about the 15th of each month. You receive your funds via secure direct deposit. A statement is emailed each month so you can stay on top of your income and expenses.

How am I informed of issues at my property?

Our management software is second to none. It keeps owners and tenants informed of their account status via our online owner and tenant portals. Owners can see items such as their live balance, when the tenant paid rent, and the cost and description of bills. Stay on top of your property with our powerful alerts feature that will immediately notify an owner if a work order has been created, if a lease is up for renewal, if a tenant gives notice and much more!

I have a home warranty. Can you submit my homes maintenance issues through the warranty?

Yes. We work with home warranty companies. If you have purchased a home warranty we have an alert that will let us know you have a warranty and will submit it through their system if a maintenance request is received.

What are your current clients experiences like?

Most of our clients stay with us until they sell or move back into the property. We excel at customer service and communication is key to retaining customers. We are responsive to our owner’s and Tenant’s needs. CLICK HERE to view testimonials from current clients.