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When Can I Expect My Maintenance Request To Be Resolved?

Every maintenance issue presents unique challenges that require Insigma Group, LLC and its vendors to assess, diagnose and resolve. Our goal is to resolve your maintenance request as quickly as possible. For work orders submitted, we expect to solve issues within the following timeframes:

  • Emergency Requests Any maintenance-related request that poses a health or safety risk to you or the property; we aim to dispatch a vendor as fast as possible, within a maximum of 3 days.

  • Urgent Requests Anything that could soon lead to property damage and/or a health and safety issue if left unattended; we aim to dispatch a vendor within 9 days.

  • Standard Requests Any maintenance work that does not pose an immediate or near term risk to health, safety or the property; we aim to dispatch a vendor within 14 days.

Sometimes the budget or complexity of a work order will require us to receive permission from the owner of your home before we can go forward with the requested work. We work to get permission from Landlords as quickly as possible, but this can add an additional 2-4 days.

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